Top 4 Tips For Microsoft Windows Users

Microsoft Windows users are increasing day by day from every part of the world due to the amazing features and great user interface. It is using widely for both for professional and personal work. There are hundreds of ways to get the most of your windows to improve your lifestyle. In this article, I will discuss the top 5 best ways that every Windows user should know. By applying these tricks on your computer usage, you can increase your productivity, creativity and even profitability up to the next level. So let’s get started.

1) Optimizing Windows Performance

For greater speed and tasks and accuracy, the NTFS protocol is more fantastic than FAT32. With disable widows indexing, you can get a more reliable speed.  This way you can increase your processing speed as online connections and other server problems. How to disable windows indexing? Here are the steps.

  • Go to my computer.
  • Open the drive C or any other drive.
  • Click on the properties.
  • Uncheck “Allow indexing service”.
  • Clean your system Recycle bin.
  • Defragment all the drives in your computer system as much as possible.

2) Get the Free Software and Save Your Money

Now it’s not a matter if you have bought a new laptop or pc without office installed. You can get the free alternative of the Microsoft office that provides you the same features as the MS office have and also enhance your productivity. This is the fantastic open office. What you have to do is to download your free software from and enjoy. You will notice that this free version is more powerful and have more features than the paid version of office. This is how Microsoft windows are amazing. Check out our site getintopcwindows for more amazing operating system.

In order to prevent malware I will suggest using any of the safe browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

3) Fixing Compact Disk Burning Issues

Have you received any warning that your CD cannot be burn? This is probably due to the system error. There are several other issues with multimedia device and this is one of the most troublesome problems. Here is a very simple solution for this issue. You have to visit your CD Drive manufacturer site and look for the compatible compact disc types. Check your CD and make sure that your CD is listed on the list. If not, then replace it with a compatible CD on the list and the problem is solved.

4) Online Secure Shopping

Using the latest technology shopping is quite easy now a days and possible with a few clicks. You can buy things with your credit card and it will be available in few hours on your doorstep. This makes you smarter and save most of your time. You should know that your password and other data have been encrypted so that you do not have to worry about your money. The item you have purchased can be replaced and you will get a warrantee or a return policy of each product that you have purchased.