Exploits and Ecstasy of Dubai Desert Safari

Start, camera and action are the three words you need to remember while on Dubai Desert Safari. All you can see is the miles of sand stretches all around you, filled with endless dunes and downhill slopes. As your safari vehicle rushes ahead you feel the ecstasy rising in your nerves. The commotion and excitement will continue until you go through all your exploits in the middle of golden sands and retire for the day.

Apart from the daytime travels, you can also opt for morning and night Dubai Desert Safari. The travel starts at around 8:30 in the morning and ends around 11:30. If you wish to capture the beauty of sunrise you need to start earlier. You can check for the sunrise photo shooting sessions with your travel guide. This travel takes you through the red dunes which are home to some of the most beautiful landscapes you can find. Dune bashing in this area is said to be the most thrilling experience of all times.

If you wish to feel the chilly winds of the desert and experience the tranquility of the desert, you can opt for night Dubai Desert Safari. This travel starts late in the evening; goes through the entire night and ends with your hot and spicy morning breakfast.

Interesting Places – Dubai Desert Safari

  • Check with your travel guide about the possibility of covering Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve during your desert travel. This is one of the best locations you can hope to visit to see an open zoo with many of the protected wild animals. Here you can also take a break and have plenty of refreshments and photo shooting sessions.
  • If you are the mood to get some Spa treatments you can find some of the best ones very close to the reserve.

Adventure for Family – Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari is one opportunity for you to enjoy some real adventure with your entire family consisting of all age group members. Safe and comfortable travel is made possible with a number of hi tech safari vehicles having air conditioning, water cooler and soft drink  carriers.

  • You must seatbelts to ensure maximum safety while the vehicle skids and circles across the fine golden sands of the desert. This might be really breathtaking and amusing for your children since they have never had such experiences before.
  • You can get plenty of time for photo and video shooting during your Dubai Desert Safari. The driver who takes you on the travel knows some of the most scenic spots where you can get breathtaking views of the desert.
  • Hold your nerves tight as your vehicle moves up and down the sand dunes which can be like small sand hill. This bashing lasts for about 30 -25 minutes.
  • Cool climatic conditions prevail in eh desert during the evenings and nights. The months from November to January are mostly recommended for Dubai Desert Safari if you wish to escape the hot climatic conditions from June to September.

Cost effective Ways to Hire a Driver in Kuala Lumpur


Hiring a chauffeur service Kuala Lumpur solves many of your practical problems that you might face while traveling around in the city. This is much better compared to the train and coach services which can be used only by experienced travelers in the city. There are many befits of using the chauffeur service Kuala Lumpur, especially for a foreign tourist traveler like you. Here I am listing out a few of them.

Waiting Time – chauffeur service Kuala Lumpur

Flight arrival time at the KLIA depends on the kind of airline you have booked.  After arrival you need to go through many clearance procedures which naturally take time. Once you are through with that you need to collect your baggage and rush out of the airport. You will be lucky if you are a lone traveler. Tourists with family and lots of baggage make it in one hour. Luckily the chauffeur service Kuala Lumpur gives you an hour of free waiting time (check out for the current terms and conditions from their website).

Multiple Service Options – chauffeur service Kuala Lumpur

  • You can depend on the chauffeur to guide you to some of the best hotels in the city which offer comfortable accommodation, food and beverages at affordable prices.
  • Short waiting time is permitted by the chauffeur service Kuala Lumpur while you travel around the city.
  • For visiting tourist spots I strongly suggest the chauffeur service Kuala Lumpur. This is because of they know the place well. There are many interesting but little known tourist spots around Kuala Lumpur which could be unlisted in your tourism directory. The chauffeur will be able to guide you tosh wonderful places which your family will surely enjoy.
  • All the prepaid services of chauffeur service Kuala Lumpur are inclusive of taxes, tips and other overheads like toll fees. So you can be assured that there are no hidden costs involved.
  • You can book the chauffeur service Kuala Lumpur for any number of days according to your convenience. If there are any changes in your program you can cancel the booking (refer to the terms and conditions for booking cancellation).
  • Travel time can be made flexible according your schedule. You need to give your schedule in advance to the service provider. They will organize the tour accordingly.

Two Way Journey from KLIA – chauffeur service Kuala Lumpur

If you are on a brief visit to the city of Kuala Lumpur and wish to return to the airport on the same day, I suggest you book two way journeys from KLIA. Give your schedule to the service provider and they will organize your complete one day program according to your convenience.

Customizable travel plans for fly-by visitors are highly economical and comfortable. You will be able to plan your arrival, breakfast, business meetings, lunch and travel back to the airport depending on the departure time of your flight. Chauffeur service Kuala Lumpur will give you the best of traveling experiences in the city.

Best Holiday Travel Plans of Tasmania at https://tasmania.com/

Tasmania offers some of the best holiday plans for your family this season. Visit https://tasmania.com/ to get the best of deals and information about how to plan your travel. Tasmania is a tourist haven for luxury travelers as well as budget travel backpackers. Before you start your journey you need to decide on the course of your journey. This is because the vastness of Tasmanian landscape and the tourist spots make you lose your direction.

Plan your Adventure Travel at https://tasmania.com/

  • Trekking, mountaineering and deep sea diving are some of the adventurous travel options you can find across Tasmania. Trekking spots can be found at Mount Ossa, Mount Gould, Mount RUFUS and Mount Bluff. If you are looking forward to some real challenging mountain spots Mount Gould is the right place for you. Make sure to carry warm clothing, camping needs, food and water with you. Start your travel at Crade Mountain Lake and start trekking along the wilderness. The countryside here offers some of the most scenic spots for photo shooting. When you reach Franklin Gordon you need to set your camping here. It is better if you travel in a group since you may find the journey tough as you go ahead on this trekking track. Avoid taking children and elders as the climatic conditions here can be very hard on them.
  • So, you have reached the spot base spot of Mount Gourd now. Stop here for a while and enjoy the hilly regions around you. You need to carry energizing foods with you since the tough terrains over here can extract the liveliness out of you.

Family Travel Plan Across Tasmania at https://tasmania.com/

The best place of family travel plans across Tasmania can be found at https://tasmania.com/. River cruising can be fun for all your family members. Choose the one which is very close to you and start your journey. You can find plenty of package tours across these rivers over here. Luxury cruise boats offer foods and beverages on board, while smaller ones are good for budget cruise.

Beaches across Tasmania are a treat for everyone in your family. One of the most recommended beaches here is the Orford. You can camp along the beachside and spend a couple of days joyfully. You can find great restaurants and bars around the beachside offering authentic Australian cuisine and beverages.

Beach walks and sea cruising packages are available from places around Orford. These walking tracks are not so hard and offer good entertainment for your children. Sea cruising is the most thrilling experience which offers fishing adventures across the Indian Ocean.

Find Authentic Australian Cuisine at https://tasmania.com/

  • Australian sea foods are at their best across the beaches of Tasmania. Tuna, Salmon, shellfish and crabs are transformed into the best of delicacies. The original Australian wine over here is sure to give you some exhilarating experience.
  • The native aborigines have a rich cuisine culture which they have developed over many centuries. You can find restaurants which offer such foods. Search through https://tasmania.com/ to find the best ones near you.

Night Trip on the Golden Dunes

Dubai is a country best known for its state of the art infrastructures, big shopping malls, tall buildings, and of course, its desert. Though an extreme environment and biome, the country was able to develop its desert in a very popular tourist attraction through the desert safari tours. One special kind of a desert safari tour is the evening desert safari. This trip is composed of several activities that you will surely enjoy.

The Evening Desert Safari

The evening safari trip is basically a desert safari tour conducted on the evening. The trip usually starts at some time during the late afternoon and end at night. It includes several adventurous activities before going to the camp then having a fancy and relaxing dinner at the camp. Other activities can also be conducted at camp.

evening desert safari

Journey on the Dunes

The evening safari tour starts when you are fetched from the hotel you are currently staying. You will board a four by four vehicle which is driven by a professional driver who will then take you for a dune bashing activity, an extreme off road experience. You do not have to worry about your safety because the driver himself is an expert provider of first aid. The vehicle you will use will be designed mainly for extreme activities. The gears inside the vehicle will also be designed to secure you from harm. After the journey on the dunes, you will be taken into the camp.

Other Enjoyable Inclusions

At camp, you will be able to have a fancy dinner. You can eat either a barbeque meal or a vegetarian food if you do not like meat. While having your dinner, you will be able to watch several entertainment shows including a tanoura dance show, a belly dance show, and a magic show. Once you are done eating, you can also enjoy the other enjoyable activities provided at camp. Such activities include shisha smoking, relaxing at the bar with unlimited supply of refreshments, wearing of traditional costume, sand skiing, and camel riding.

More Options

If you want to extend your evening tour, then you can opt for the overnight desert safari Dubai. You will sleep at the camp in your specialized sleeping bags and wake up in the morning at the scene of a fascinating sunrise. You will have a good breakfast before going back to your hotel.