Slip and Fall Legal Solutions from Long Island Personal Injury Lawyers

Slip and fall injuries can be sustained in walkways, porches, community halls, office premises and any other public or private property premises due to negligence in maintenance by those who are responsible.  You can get expert legal services from for claiming compensations to your physical injuries and limb damages, loss of job/salary and psychological trauma. The long and time consuming legal proceedings can be shortened through unexplored legal channels, which are known to the Long Island personal injury lawyers.

Expertise of Personal Injury Lawyers

Legal expert lawyers in the Long Islands have the experience in handling slip and fall injuries in public and private property areas over many decades. They understand all the sections, clauses and processes in the legal system completely, besides the laws governing insurance claims.

Identification of the Guilty

If you have sustained injuries in utility facilities, shopping malls and hospitals or on the walkways in your neighborhood, identification of the guilty could be simple. There are also places like the public parks, bus stations and other public places where it could be almost impossible to identify them.

  • Personal injury lawyers can help you do it with their investigative services. For this you need to provide the circumstantial evidences and witnesses (if any) to support your claim. Photographs, medical and hospital bills, doctors’ prescriptions, scanning and X-Ray reports and other relevant and supporting documents/evidences need to be submitted to your attorneys on time. This will help them in filing the legal suit without delays.
  • The initiation could be made by any of your friends or family members if you are unable to move out of hospital or home. Once recovered to a considerable extent you can start communicating with your lawyers.
  • Find out the possibility of getting insurance claims apart from getting compensation from the property owner where you sustained injury. Your personal injury lawyers will be able to guide you in this regard.

Legal Proceedings for Compensation

Once your lawyer has identified the guilty, compiled the documentation and collected the evidences he will be able to file a legal suit on your behalf. The defendants will also be informed about your intent through legal communication. In many cases they may come forward to pay the compensations based on consultations with their legal advisor and your lawyer. It is recommended that you follow the guidelines of your lawyer.

  • If you have filed the suit, the legal procedures will be initiated by your lawyer and you need to attend the sessions in the court of law.
  • Your personal injury lawyer will try to get the maximum possible compensation from the defendants and insurance company (if applicable). During this time you need to keep your communication and correspondences restricted with your lawyer alone.
  • If you are asked to get further evidences or witnesses you need to follow the guidelines immediately.
  • Cross examinations of witnesses and checking of evidences by the defendant’s legal advisors are also part of legal procedures, so your evidence and witnesses need to be strong and factual.
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