Awesome Methods to Develop Kali Muscle

Kali muscle development is not out of magic but out of the sheer logic of body and muscle building techniques. This was the truth I discovered after reading plenty of articles and going through as many videos about kali, the man who claims to have developed gigantic muscles without the aid of steroids and drugs. It took some time for my skepticism to melt away as I started practicing the guidelines for developing and sustaining Kali Muscle through regular workouts and diet plan. Since then most of my doubts have been dissolved just like the fatty belly and hip I used to carry around once. Though I have not been able to build any of muscles even to the extent of 10% like the Kali Muscle, I am on the path to six pack abs with flexible muscles and lesser fat and cholesterol. This is far more than what I had hoped to achieve.

Food Consumption pattern and Kali Muscle

According to the “man” Kali Muscle is a result of eating more and working more. I have tied this option too and found success to certain extent. One can’t literally follow the guidelines when it comes to food, since everybody has his own unique nature of physique and metabolic system. My basic problem was to reduce fat and it had to be done faster.

  • Instead of focusing on more calories I paid attention to eating fiber foods and consuming lots of fluids like fruit juices and plain water! This gave me results within the first few months as I lost considerable fat and reduced body weight by tens of pounds. Once I got into lean shape I started following the guidelines for food to develop Kali Muscle.
  • This has produced quite visible effects on my body today. Instead of walking for 2 miles I go for miles. My workout has increased from 2 hours a day to 3 hours. Things are happening slowly but surely. After all I can’t hope to develop Kali Muscle within a few months or years. I do believe that it takes at least a decade of consistent practice.
  • I heard about Kali Muscle being the result of some steroids and supplements. I really don’t know about them but my fat was mainly due to the quantities of beer and wine I drank every day. Today I am free from those addictive drinks and I have replaced them with pure fruit juices.

Workout with Resistance training and Bars for Kali Muscle

I have resistance training to be one of the most powerful methods for developing Kali Muscle. You know it simply turns your body into a power packed machine which can fuel and develop its own muscles without too much of external aid. Of course it is not all. You do need bars, weights, dumbbells and other means of shaping lean and tight triceps and biceps. It is only with the intelligent combination of food; workout and a relaxed mind that you can really hope to develop Kali Muscle.