Muslim Investors showing interest in booming market of Islamic fashion

Sillwood, who put up Shukr LLC in 2000, says that he found a gap in the marketplace for tasteful and modest garments that could appeal to Muslims in the west. Fifteen decades later, his firm designs, manufactures and sells clothes via the net and three shops.

“My goal was not to develop into a fulltime small business man,” Sillwood, that intends to open five to 10 more outlets in the subsequent five decades, explained in a telephone interview from Amman on Tuesday. From 2005 and 2006 our earnings began to grow quite dramatically and it was evident there was quite major potential for the business.”

Dominated for centuries by small family companies, the business is currently attracting attention from Islamic fund centers. Dubai has set up a tax-free design hub for example Islamic fashion. STC Ventures, a venture capital fund supported by the Saudi Telecom Company, stated in February it’s spent in Modanisa, a Turkish Sharia apparel site.

The developing interest comes as Muslims across the globe decide to invest their money and handle their own finances at a Sharia-compliant way.

Brands Yet to Take Leverage

“The Muslim style and lifestyle company is still regarded as a retail section that’s not fully exploited,” explained Abas A. Jalil, the Kuala Lumpur-based chief executive officer in Amanah Capital Group Ltd., a consultancy. “We’ve yet to see many prominent or well-known international Muslim fashion brands which are available in a variety of states,” he explained in an April 3 email interview.

Spending on Islamic clothes and apparel increases 82 percent to $484 billion by 2019 by 2013, according to the condition of the international Islamic Market 2014-2015 report by Thomson Reuters Corp. and Dinar Standard, a New York-based researcher. The climbing spend is underpinned with a Muslim population of 1.6 billion, so that the Pew Research Centre jobs will increase at the fastest rate of any significant faith to 2.9 billion by 2050.

Dubai Design District

The Dubai Design District is a part of a strategy by the emirate to eventually become the international capital of the Islamic market. Businesses based in the heart is going to be awarded tax breaks, according to the district website.

“The absence of a worldwide Islamic clothing manufacturer presents a special opportunity for UAE fashion designers,” Abdul Rahman Saif Al Ghurair, a part of the Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre board, stated in an April 7 email interview.

Sharia-compliant trend sites have mushroomed in the past few decades, and Dinar Standard quotes that Muslims purchased $4.8 billion of clothes and accessories on the internet in 2013.

London-based online Muslim style merchant Aab started a boutique in town last month and intends to expand into the UAE over 1-1/2 decades, Nazmin Alim, Aab’s creative director, stated in a March 31 mobile interview.

Problems in securing Funds

Securing funding might be an issue for smaller fashion businesses, based on Samak Consultants LLP, an Islamic fund advisor in London. Just 17 percent of Middle East and North African lenders who support small businesses provide Sharia loans, Samina Akram, a managing partner at Samak, stated, citing information from Washington-based International Finance Corporation.

“Small- and – midsize businesses are on the upswing and keen to grab a piece and tap into the current market,” she stated in an April 6 email interview. “The challenge for those entrepreneurs is to discover the financing opportunities that are compliant with their own religion, company ethos and requirements.”

Retailers are targeting a wider audience with offerings which aim to dispel the perception which Sharia-compliant clothes is sombre and mostly black. Designers are rolling out long robes and hijabs punctuated with splashes of color, embroidery and tassels for girls and coats with gold trimmings and vibrant vases for men.

“It’s to cross the bounds of just catering to Muslims,” Raja Rezza Shah, founder of the Islamic Fashion Festival, stated in a March 25 meeting in Kuala Lumpur. “The only way would be to make it appear more fashionable instead of religious.”

Promising Industry with good potential

The Muslim style market is a very exciting and rewarding market. Lee Khoon Hooi, a Malaysian programmer who revealed an Islamic collection in the festival three decades back, said the quantity of queries he received subsequently took him by surprise. Muslim clothes, such as flowery hooded kaftans and ankle-length silk skirts, will likely double to approximately 10 percent of the sales this season, he explained at a March 30 meeting in Kuala Lumpur.

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70 awesome Unique trendy Small wrist tattoo designs

small tattoos : Wrist is a favourable place of small tattoos. For wrist tattoo designs go for small but meaning tattoo designs. Eye-catching design is what you need for your wrist tattoo design. Girls and boys both adore the wrist tattoo designs. Symbol tattoos, bird tattoos, small animal tattoos, Celtic designs, and music symbol tattoos looks great on the wrist. Girls most of the time prefers to wear some ornament on their wrist.  is very popular website in USA  .

small tattoos

Tattoo design plays the role of ornament that will decorate your body forever. You can choose from many tattoo formats. The wrist tattoo designs are famous in all kinds of tattoo designs. There are small geometric tattoos, white ink tattoo, tribal tattoos, Celtic tattoos, old traditional tattoo, new traditional tattoo, water colour tattoos. Tattoo designs are currently in fashion.

Chose your tattoo design wisely and tattoo designer more wisely. Infinity sign is famous for its symbolic meaning. It means beyond reach or without bounders. Heart beat design is beautiful tattoo for wrist. Small simple quote along with cute tattoo is in fashion. Such as bird tattoo with quote “let it go”. Feature, bows, small owl looks is a wonderful sight. Small zodiac symbols are also famous.

small tattoos

The couple wrist tattoos are also trending. Sun and moon symbols, tiny key and lock design; little bunny and dove designs are new. You can combine the different styles in make your personal tattoo designs. Inspirational quotes from poetry, book or from your favourite songs are great idea tattoo design. Sanskrit, Arabic and Chinese writing are also new trend and many celebrities’ are seem flaunting them. Couple tattoo designs are new personalised tattoo designs. King – Queen, puzzle pieces, cage and birds, heart alphabet, Key –lock, ship- anchor, sun-moon, flower-bee are pretty cute designs to have on wrist.

A similar tattoo design on couples is a meaning tattoo design. Before you choose the wrist tattoo remember wrist is sensitive area. The nerves and thin skin make this portion sensitive to tattoo needle. The wrist offers small space which is good for only small tattoo design. The wrist part is easily visible to all people so choose the tattoo wisely. Small tattoos may not grab the enough attention when they are inked on big area of body that make the wrist quite suitable in that aspect.

The band style tattoos are replacing the jewellery pieces of girls. The bold black Celtic bands are popular choice in men small tattoo designs. According to the research wrist area is the common places for first ever tattoo design. Small wrist tattoo also contain trendy similar couple or friend tattoo designs. The wedding date with infinity symbol, heartbeat, half hearts, birds, arrows are quite famous. they wrist tattoos can be pretty simple and unique.

The War Against Airbrush Tanning Salon

No matter what you decide, spray tanning may be good way to receive an attractive, lasting tan. First of all, spray tanning is easy. Although it can be expensive, keep in mind many of these sources offer package deals and monthly memberships. In regards to spray tanning, choosing the ideal skin tone and employing the most suitable quantity of spray are the most essential aspects.

When you undergo tanning, waxing shouldn’t be accomplished immediately, because it will take off the tan. This technique of tanning isn’t safe even by means of tanning bed lotions for fair skin. Airbrush tanning is certainly only a medium to increase your own beauty. It is one of the most popular tanning solutions nowadays. Dinair airbrush tanning is a wonderful solution for everyone who’d love to attain a gorgeous tan any instance of the year and anywhere, and without the dangers of the sun additional resources.

Finding Airbrush Tanning Salon Online

Each time you want to receive a tan, remember these strategies. It’s far hard to have a tan than it’s generally assumed. Now tanning without sunlight damage isn’t any more a dream! Obtaining a real tan can be extremely tedious. Obeying these basic tips will allow you to get a wealthy and safe tan each time. To keep this tan in any respect times an amazing system to use is obtaining a spray tan.

Ok, I Think I Understand Airbrush Tanning Salon, Now Tell Me About Airbrush Tanning Salon!

Never forget to keep your skin hydrated using a heavy-duty moisturizer to prevent skin peeling brought on by sun damage. It may even flake due to long hours of sunbath. You should work on your skin as a way to attain that golden glow. In reality, it can even damage your skin and lead to sunburn. For those who have very fair skin, then you ought to keep away from deep tans which do not suit your normal skin tone. With the approach of summer, the majority of people wish to be in a position to flaunt a wholesome bronze skin.

The Basic Facts of Airbrush Tanning Salon

Individuals wishing to look darker, elect for these lotions. Purchasing these lotions from the salon provides you with the benefit of knowing the ideal product available then. There’s such various tanning lotions it can be difficult to select a fantastic tanning lotion, one that is going to help you get the summertime bronzed look yet safeguard your skin at exactly the same time.There are many different types of tanning lotions together with distinct methods to apply it. There are a few tanning lotions that are supposed to keep epidermis protected from sunlight and the ones that are there to bronze the epidermis, giving it a tan look.Also, deodorant and perfume aren’t recommended while you’re utilizing this machine. It’s important you do not just jump in and begin applying these lotions quickly trying to attain a faster result. Tanning lotions intended to create a tan will trigger the melanin.

Once you pick your method, request a test spray, Norenius states. Most sprays have a tendency to leave an extremely unsightly orange cast to the epidermis, rather than a wholesome bronze. The spray, which comes in numerous shades that range from light to extremely dark, provides the skin an ideal bronzed look.

All their products are offered in sample sizes so you can try out the samples and choose which product is most suitable for you. As you look or tanning goods, you’ll find there are a wide range of goods available for your to select from. It is necessary to decide on a self tanning product which delivers complete moisturization to epidermis, contains more natural goods, and is safe for the epidermis.

Not just in the USA, but their products are rather popular in quite a few other countries throughout the world. Depending upon your skin type, you may pick the merchandise that most fit your requirements. There are a lot of different kinds of tanning products out there in market these days that it will become difficult for a buyer to choose a suitable one. There are tons of sunless tanning products offered on the market.

When you’re at the salon, request discounts on the package. Professional salons are your best go-to venues in regards to where to find this work done the best way. As soon as you’ve prepared, you simply visit a tanning salon or have someone visit your property. Generally, tanning salons provide instructions before the session. Likewise, if you’re visiting a salon, ask the instructor to extend the essential safety gear. Whether you’re a professional with a salon or an immediate consumer, you have to be familiarized with tanning lotions.

Intriguing Facts About Beard Oil And Why It’s Being Used

The greatest pattern at this moment and has been for the last couple of years is BEARDS. Beards have turned out to be socially more acknowledged as much as tattoos have gotten to be. Obviously, there are a couple people out there who question the possibility of either. The greatest item out there being utilized by the is beard oil.

What is beard oil?

Beard oil is an item made to saturate and hydrate the hair and skin. You know when you have a dry scalp; it’s bothersome, and disturbed? Well with facial hair your skin underneath is delicate and can have a similar issue. Utilizing similar items you use for the hair on top of your head is a major no. Dominant part of shampoos sold in markets or medication stores has chemicals that make the dryness many individuals attempt to maintain a strategic distance from. The most concerning issue is most don’t understand what they are utilizing as a cleanser should be the fundamental driver.

Beard Czar

My better half is a cosmetologist and she declines to wash her hair ordinary or even every other day. My better half washes her hair once, perhaps twice per week. Her hair is normally wild like facial hair is and she says, “Wavy hair is actually dry, the hair fingernail skin on the hair shaft if formed uniquely in contrast to a straight haired person. The regular oil that ought to tumble down the hair shaft doesn’t as a result of the state of the fingernail skin.” Beard oils supplant the dryness that can happen on the skin and hair.

What is beard oil made out of?

Beard oil is ordinarily made of an assortment of oils; obviously, this relies on upon the organization. A few organizations will have different added substances to their blend. Like I was stating beard oil is normally made with an assortment of oils, and the primary oil is transporter oil. Beard oil is base oil, which is utilized to weaken fundamental oils before applying to the skin. The other piece of the blend is fundamental oils, which can either be utilized as to a greater extent a fragrance, solutions for the skin, or both. Tea Tree Oil is an incredible case of fundamental oil known for its therapeutic properties. Tea Tree Oil normally battles off three sorts of diseases, for example, growths, microbes, and viral. Other fundamental oils are known to help unwinding, melancholy, and uneasiness.

Because of saturating oils, a little beard oil is quite recently enough to tame those flyaway hairs and dispense with pieces (a.k.a. beard-druff). What’s more, with such a large number of musky/woody fundamental oils like cedar wood and sandalwood, Schneidman calls attention to this regularly neglected item likewise goes about as characteristic cologne.

Keeping up a decent regiment with beard items by, will keep your skin and hair sound. Keeping dryness and bothering from a wide range of components we run over every day. In light of the social acknowledgment from society, this is the reason beard items and beards so far as that is concerned are turning out to be so prominent.


Hairstyles For Black Girls; Depends On The Type Of Hairs

Hairs of Black Girls:

In fact, the black girls have curly and healthy hairs which are not easy to handle. For this purpose, there are a lot of Hairstyles for black girls which are introducing by the stylists.  Besides that, it may be possible that your hair type will not match to the haircut. For this purpose, you have to take a look at the trendy haircuts of the girls. Haircuts and hairstyles are not only for a woman’s; the men can get the hairstyles and haircuts as well. For the reason that, it is known that the boys are better aware than girls in the aspect of hairdressing in a few years.

That’s why; they want to look more comfortable than good-looking.

Black Girls Hair Fashion:

As you know that, the Hairstyles for black girls are not easy. In this case, you want to minimize the trouble of the styles of black hairs. In this way, you may think that you have to cut down your hairs or braid them. On the other hand, the plain haircuts look like the monotonous. Though, there are a lot of little girl’s hairstyles which makes them individual. For this purpose, you can follow the below-written hair styles. These are as below.

Hairstyles for black girls

  • Natural side Pony with Bow:

Usually, the hairs of black girls do not require a lot of braiding and twisting. In simple, you take one pony which has the bow on the top then catch all of the hairs and grip them. You just need to remain realist in any way what type of hairs the girl have. It is a very easy and beautiful way to dress up an energetic little girl. Sometimes, you may have not enough time to spend on the girl hairstyle then it is the best option for you.

  • Black Chunky Twists:

The black chunky twists hairstyle is the worth way for locking hairs. In the home, you cannot apply this style you have to go to any salon that can work on your girl’s hairs. It is a very funny and stylish hairstyle for girls.

Hairstyle Depends on the Type of Hair:

In real, hair cut primarily depends on the kind of hairs you have. For this purpose, when you want to cut down your hairs you have to take in mind what sort of hairs you have. In some cases, anyone may not know that the curly hairs should cuts down when it is dry. At this time, the barber or stylist cuts your curly hairs into the curly patterns. In the meantime, you have to pass an agreement on the texture and the length of hairs before the prospect hair cut. In addition, if you want more levels and factions in hairs then you have to tell them before. Though, the types of hairs you may have are as follows.

  • Curly Hairs
  • Wavy Hairs
  • Straight Hairs
  • Natural Hairs

•    Thick and Healthy Hairs

Best Light up Shoes for Kids to Light up Their World

A pair of light up shoes can easily be one of the sweetest childhood memories for anyone. Although the trend of light up shoe kind of died after the 90s but now the trend is on again. Many brands are making very eye-catching Light up Shoes for Kids , and it is so hard to choose from so many designs. Kids would usually go for a pair of shoes that has more colors and vibrant lights. For the skate shoe lovers, many LED shoes come with wheels too now.

Light up Shoes for Kids:

There are so many reasons why you should definitely buy your kid a pair of his favorite light up shoes. It will make him stand out from the rest of the kids and thus will help in boosting his confidence. Apart from that, we all know how carelessly some people drive these days. It is very risky to let your kids play outside but with a pair of LED shoes, the risk of accidents lowers greatly.

Light up Shoes for Kids

If you can’t decide what pair of LED shoes will work best for your kid, then the following information might help you out a little:

  • Pink O&N USB Charging LED Shoes:

These shoes are the best choice for little girls as most of them love the pink stuff. In $29.99, these shoes come with so many cool features that your little princess will adore. The lights in these shoes come with 11 kinds of different patterns some of which are static and some dynamic. There is a little switch that can change the lightening patterns or even turn the lights off. The battery life is very good and lasts for many hours. The rubber soles are reliable, and the cloth is breathable which works best for summers.

  • Dopeme Light up Casual Shoes:

 As the name suggests, these Light up Shoes for Kids work great when it comes to casual use. The best thing about these shoes is that they come with slip resistance which ensures that your kid does not fall. Apart from that, the cloth lining is of high quality and breath able, and the rubber soles are reliable. There are so many attractive lighting patterns to keep your kid hooked to his new pair of shoes.

  • CIOR Light up Winged Shoes for Kids:

These shoes have probably the coolest design that can easily attract any kid. They have shoes for both girls and boys with different colors. For girls, the color is pink and for boys; it’s a combination of black and golden. Apart from fun colors, they also come with wings which make them stand out from other pairs of shoes.

  • Pandabeauty Child LED Shoes:

Want something trendy for your kid? Go for these shoes as they look super fashionable and are extremely easy on the feet. Moreover, they come with great battery timing, and you won’t have to charge them again and again. Charge them for 2-3 hours, and they will easily last for 8-11 hours which is very convenient.

All about Undercut Hairstyles

What is an undercut hairstyle?

An undercut hairstyle is the type of hairstyle in which hair on top of head are bowl cut while hair on the sides and back of head kept very short and they are buzzed with hair clipper. In simple words, in undercut hairstyle both the sides of head are kept skinny and they are shaved while hairs on the top are kept long. It is a trendy haircut of 2016.

Undercut hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles especially among short haircuts and it is considered as top fashion trend for men. When we consider short haircuts then there are many variations of haircuts and one such most popular hairstyle is undercut. Undercut is already explained in the above lines so we need to look at the types or variations of undercut hairstyle. The shaved side’s areas of men vary depending on the haircut and on the position of shaved lines. Some people prefer to keep the top hair short while others want long hair on top. You can arrange your hairstyle depending on the type of hair for example messy, wavy, straight or slicked back.


Disconnected Undercut:

When we discuss about undercut hair why not to include disconnected undercut hairstyle. The sides are more noticeable in this disconnected haircut. Many people become confused when they think of disconnected undercut hairstyles, Let me explain to you in simple words. When you have the classic undercut hairstyle and you make it disconnected then it becomes a disconnected undercut hairstyle. I hope you get some idea of the haircut with this simple definition.

There are various examples of undercut hairstyles and you can choose the best according to your hair type. First option is to shave the sides of your head and keep the top hair very short. This is the basic idea of an undercut hairstyle. In the second variation, you can shave the sides and hair on the top of head and kept longer so that they can be slicked backed. In the third variation, the shaved sides are not wide but hairs on the top are thick and well straight. If you have rough and messy hair then you can also adopt an undercut hairstyle. Let me tell you that among mens asian hairstyles undercut hairstyle has its own importance because it is the haircut of a style icon. Those people who have long hair should consider this type of hairstyles.

You must have noticed that men who are stylish keep their top hair slicked back and they prefer this hairstyle especially when they have straight hairs. Now take a look at celebrities, yes the TV and film stars love this style and you will have huge list of celebrities who prefer an undercut hairstyle over others. The reason is simple because they want to look unique and grab the attention of their fans. Are you struggling with your hair or want to completely change your looks then why not adopt an undercut hairstyle that will groom your overall personality.

4 magnetizing hairstyles for girls with thick hair to choose in 2016

it looks like you are looking for 4 magnetizing hairstyles for girls with thick hair to choose in 2016? Here you will find all the relevant answers and solutions for your doubts and queries relevantly.


Some girls often have complains about having thick hair mostly facing difficulty to resort or style their curls. They always try in one direction to make it right but seriously try to look for better alternative and see the special quality in your hair structure and get benefit from it. You don’t need any haircut in order to get rid of from our curls which are thick but rather than remove those thickness to make them stay for long with appropriate length. You can do it with different textures colors, styles, and fancy stuff in order take your thick hair more obedient of you.

You will argue that girls try numerous styling techniques and tricks in order to hide their curls and waves naturally but still it is not enough for them to make. You need to learn some professional ways to do that where you can’t lose your hair’s beauty and shine while maintaining it attractive for longer time.


With that said below we have listed some real facts about 4 magnetizing hairstyles for girls with thick hair to choose to help you understand how much thick hair is beneficial for you, and why these new hairstyles will certainly provide you the look that you won’t need to go for salon ever again. 15 homemade  hairstyles

  • How much thick hair is beneficial for you?


You may think that having thick hair is a curse but it a blessing which you can’t deny that. Because your hair can’t get break and will remain for long time until you are old, where some girl’s hair probably starting to change their color and ton for that they need to cut them off immediately.

  • Why these new hairstyles will certainly provide you the look that you won’t need to go for salon ever again?


1) Side braids style:

This hairstyle is probably the best way to renew your old look and replace it. First you need to wash your thick hair from water and then add a little bit of conditioner into those locks and fresh them up making side braids from the front section. Take an advise from to take care the curly hair.

2) half-up curly style:

You want an amazing style in magnetizing hairstyles then this one can take away your thickness by making a half-up messy bun. It looks very beautiful and you will be overwhelmed to create this one after that you just need a hair dryer.

3) High curly ponytail style:

If you want a ponytail style then this one fixed it in just a few minutes. First pull back all your hair back and twist into a high ponytail and slick down it from the edge this will add more smoothness in your hair.

4) Pompadour bangs with wavy style:

So you want to grow bangs with your thick hair but length matter in it. You can try this one out if you a little wavy bang in your hair texture. You don’t need to add any fringe and extras accessories. This year versatility is everything in hairstyling.