The Wonders Open Broadcaster Software Can Do

In today’s world, broadcasting has become the talk of the town. Everyone wants to join this gig business that has taken the internet by storm. Video recording and streaming are all the things you need to be good at in order to top the online world where every click can add dollars in your account. However, whatever options we have available in the market for video streaming and recording are rather too expensive to be entertained by starters.

Creating, mixing, and posting content on the internet is a big deal, perhaps that’s why programmers usually put high costs on their software. Our Open Broadcaster Software review is about how it is the only available option that can act as a fortune for novice users. It is completely free and by that we mean not a single penny will be taken out of your pockets. No registration fee, no licensing fee – nothing! But being free does not mean OBS Studio comes with below average features; it carries undoubtedly the finest features you can possibly expect from a studio software.

How Users Like It

Users who have taken the pleasure of working with OBS studio know how well it is as a recording, screencasting, and streaming software. According to users review, if anyone likes to record from, Vods, Streams, etc on their Mac or Windows they should definitely opt for OBS. Also, users claim that if you take a ride to a five minutes tutorial on YouTube, you can easily learn to incorporate all the features from OBS in your videos without any hassle. Since it is a great screen recorder, files on OBS are short, small, and fast to render and upload. This is a plus point, which makes the overall long process of uploading, simple and quick.


Tons of features come along with the software, and this is what our Open Broadcaster Software Review is trying to focus on – to present to you a list of features that are for free and easily accessible. Some of the amazing features this masterpiece integrates are:

  • It provides live RTMP streaming to sites like, DailyMotion, YouTube, and many more.
  • It helps in encoding, using H264 and AAC.
  • It comes with unlimited number of scenes and sources. You can also add more and order them chronologically as you please.
  • It provides file output to FLV or MP4
  • It offer supports for Intel Quick Sync Video and NVENC.
  • The new version of OBS comes with high speed monitor capture for Windows 8.
  • With OBS you can capture GPU-based games for high performance and quality game streaming.
  • You can resampling of lanczos3 or Bilinear.
  • Lastly, users also get DirectShow capture device support, like capture cards, webcams, etc.

For all operating systems, Open Broadcaster Software is available and for free.

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